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4. Women Parliamentarians of AIPA (WAIPA)

    The Women Parliamentarians of AIPA (WAIPA) was established in 1998 as a branch of AIPA. The meeting of WAIPA is held at the yearly AIPA General Assembly and its chaired by one of the women parliamentarians of the host country.

     The aims and purposes of WAIPA are:

  • to enhance the participation and representation of women within AIPA by endeavoring to bring about an increased number of women delegates to AIPA events;
  • to further increase the representation of women in Parliaments throughout ASEAN;
  • to ensure that matters of specific concern to women be put on the agenda of AIPA's General Assembly;
  • to propose topics for AIPA Study Committees and to organize conferences for such purposes;
  • to meet annually at the time of AIPA's General Assembly;
  • to facilitate networking between women parliamentarians of ASEAN;
  • to establish networks with other women's associations and women's meetings within international organizations such as the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

    Formation of Women Parliamentarians of AIPO (WAIPO) in 1998

5. Permanent Secretariat

    Located in Jakarta, the AIPA Permanent Secretariat was established in 1990 by the 11th General Assembly as authorized by Article 7 of the AIPA Statutes. The Permanent Secretariat is the central information and administrative office of AIPA that facilitates and monitors all AIPA activities. Since its creation, the AIPA Permanent Secretariat has undergone several organizational changes in line with changing needs and activities.

    The Secretary General of AIPA is appointed by the President of AIPA with the approval of the General Assembly for a term of three (3) years on rotational basis and in alphabetical order.

    AIPA Permanent Secretariat Office at the 6th floor of the Indonesian House of Representatives Building
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